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  • Specializing in Gospel Music tracks
  • Pop, R&B, Jazz, Latino Styled Instrumentals
  • Custom Music Tracks (Here are some samples, more to come)

From Custom Tracks to Covers, Just Ask

All tracks include the following:

  • 5 included instruments (2 lead instruments, bass guitar or equivalent, drum set, & percussion).
  • About 4-6 minutes.
  • Transposition if not in desired key.
  • Tempo change if not at desired tempo (tempo cannot be changed so much that the style of the song must also change).
  • Song sheet showing the words & part/order of the song as tracked.
  • Future add-ons can be ordered up to one year after initial at add-on prices shown.
  • Songs are recorded using a unique MIDI based approach allowing many changes that are not easily possible with traditional audio recording and converted to audio afterwards.

(Re-)Arrangement – The arrangement of the song here means the order of the song parts (chorus, verse, bridge, etc) and style. Rearranging changes the order or the number of repetitions of song parts and may include the alteration or addition of key changes, a vamp section, an intro or an ending. For major changes see Remix.

  • MyMinstrel tracks – Previously created tracks from
  • By Request– Songs not currently available by Also, includes re-arrangement.
    • Hymns and Traditional – Hymns and traditional “church” songs tracked in either written or traditional “gospel blues” style.
    • Covers (from recorded versions) – Songs professionally recorded and/or available online (e.g. via YouTube)
    • Singer/Songwriter – Original songs requiring musical backing. A rough version must be provided including music and lyrics. (If no music accompaniment exists see Music Composition).
      • Music Composition(for Singer/Songwriter) If only the melody of a song is available MyMinstrel will come up with an accompaniment to go with the lyrics. Includes simple chord progressions to accompany the lyric sheet

Discounted Versions or Add-Ons (Up to 40% OFF!)

3 Pc Basic – A simplified version of the song with bass, keyboard, and drum set only.
MinusOne  – A version of the song removing one of the essential instruments of the track. Intended for practice or live play along.
MIDI Practice  – A simple Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) version of a requested part and optionally a drum track will be provided for playback using computer, keyboard or other MIDI equipment. Not ideal for live performance.

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9 thoughts on “Custom Tracks”

  1. I would like to purchase the Give him Glory that I found on youtube by Deandre Patterson. Please let me know How I can obtain an MP3. I also would like to know what other songs you have out there that I can purchase, thanks in advance.

  2. Do you have these songs?
    Have you got good religion/certainly Lord by Bishop Leonard Scott
    I Feel Your Spirit by Hezekiah Walker
    I Know What Prayer can do by Donald Malloy

    If not, what is your price for making music tracks?

  3. I’m wanting a custom track to “Our God” by Bishop T.D. Jakes. The song is from the album, “Woman, Thou Art Loosed Worship (Live at Lakewood)”. I would like it in the exact same key that it’s originally done in. How much would this cost?

  4. I would like to get hel is exalted youthful praise, This is the day- new direction, he worthy – charles jenkins, and high and lifted up- earnest pugh.
    we don’t have a musician at church and it will be a blessing to get theses tracks and if i can get more in the near future please let me know the cost. thanks

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