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I’m happy to provide music instruction as a resource to other musicians wanting to learn. While I did actually play instruments in middle school, high school, and college bands (and therefore learned how to read music the traditional way) I actually never took formal lessons for keyboard.  Along the way, I learned how to read & write music, play by ear, and understand a great deal of music theory.  Here, I offer my expertise to you.  I encourage other accomplished musicians to do the same, and in the future, I’d like to offer other musicians an opportunity to provide lessons through this website.


Theory, Application, Practice, and Performance (TAPP)

  • Theory – I find that many musicians (whether they play by note or by ear) don’t know enough theory to become a complete musician, one who can not only play songs, but also arrange and create new music.  Music theory is a great foundation that helps to explain and create music.
  • Application – One you understand some musical concept or learn a impressive lick, run, or progression, it is important to know HOW to use your new-found knowledge and skill in the songs you already play.
  • Practice – Practice is important! Yeah you can play the song, but you need to continually practice on making sure your fundamentals are strong or your playing will not sound as good as it could be. Psalms 33:3 says that musicians should play skillfully.
  • Performance – Finally! The part that we are all familiar with. Put all the pieces together and play your heart out for God.

Here are some free examples of my instruction approach.

Songs – Click for different songs you can learn

Song Breakdowns – These videos breakdown various songs step by step.

Custom In-Person, Live Internet, or Custom Video Lessons – If you are serious about learning to play, it is good to learn from someone who knows the way.  Contact Bro. Immanuel for details on how to engage in in-person, live broadcast, or custom video lessons.

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