EX Ministries – Response to Preachers of LA


Every now I then I check out G. Craige Lewis to see what he’s talking about. I encourage you to watch.

A couple personal disclaimers:

I personally believe that, although he uses scriptures and makes points that are very good, that he oversimplifies his starting assumptions. E.g., assuming that because people are on TV that nothing on the show is reality is a very black-and-white assertion. Of course, I’m sure their is some nudging from the producers as well as editing to show what they want to show.

With that said, I believe God has “already judged [the pastors on the show]” and that true Christians should take this as a queue from God to put their trust no man, but rather in God.

I’ve prayed for G. Craige Lewis over the years and I’ve watched him become more refined.


What do you think of Ex-Ministries? …G. Craige Lewis? …the preachers of LA?