“Atypical Music” Project

Music School Project: Code name “Atypical Music”

Mission: To provide existing and aspiring musicians with the skills necessary to be successfully employed within the music industry (specializing in classical, jazz, Christian, soul, r & b music)

Vision: Establish a music school in Cumberland County that is both the venue and expertise needed to educate aspiring musicians and serve as a job resource center

Immanuel Comer, My Minstrel’s visionary, is currently making plans with other musicians in the area to create a school in the Cumberland County, New Jersey area.  After meeting through IGP events that Immanuel hosted at Life In Christ Ministries, he and Paul Schenck (saxophonist/woodwinds Christian, Gospel, & Jazz musician) began discussing a much larger vision that they shared for music education.  It is their hope that one day that this school will be a center for music education that will also promote community programs and provide postive music employment both directly and indirectly.

  • Target Clientele: Musicians/ Christian Church Musicians/ School Students/ Underprivileged
  • Goals
    • Music School – “Cumberland County Music School”
      • Offer Lessons
      • Create Music Ensembles
      • Teach all aspects of music (instruments, theory, application, technique, genres, music studio techniques)
      • Produce written, audio, and video teaching material (T.A.P.P. / Theory, Application, Practice, Performance.)
      • Rent practice/performance space
      • Rent recording studio/ record local artists  Provide ongoing professional development for instructors toward having music degrees
      • Make music school an accredited school for music offering various music degree programs
    • Community
      • Religious (IGP): Sponsor music conferences, workshops, events at churches
      • Children / K-12 Education: Provide workshops at schools (e.g. http://www.givethechildrenmusic.com/)
      • Music for the Mentally Challenged
      • Sponsor/Organize community events: Concerts, Open Mic. , Jam Sessions, etc
    • Employment
      • Hire individuals to run facility
      • Help find jobs for musicians and up and coming musicians

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